About Us

Perry Construction Group, Inc. dates back to the early 1900's with the J&M Doyle Co. which was started by John Doyle Senior, father of our current chairman John J. Doyle. J&M Doyle Co. had one of the first concrete plants down on Erie's Bayfront and an asphalt plant at the city teamtracks. They built many of the areas concrete and asphalt roads.


By the 1960's J&M Doyle Co. turned into the Hardner-Doyle Co. with partner Norbert Hardner. Together John J. Doyle and Norbert Hardner would build many of the Erie areas churches, hospitals, schools and offices in the region -- a partnership that endured nearly 30 successful years.

John J. Doyle teamed up with his son Robert W. Doyle to form a new corporation, formally incorporated on April 24, 1990 as Perry Construction Group, Inc. The company name stemming from the Doyle's involvement with the foundation construction work at the Perry Monument on Presque Isle State Park, a monument dedicated to those killed in the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie, as well as our involvement with the re-rigging of Admiral Perry's Flagship Niagara in the 1970's.

We have since expanded our construction reach and are licensed to perform work all along the Eastern United States but keep in mind that our history started in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement


Perry Construction Group, Inc. is committed to providing construction services for owners in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and working together for the common goal of quality construction in a firm time frame at a reasonable cost.

Geographical Area

Perry Construction virtually spans the eastern United States....from New England to Florida. Our fully staffed office in Erie, PA is available to handle your construction inquiry.

Key Personnel

The management team at Perry Construction has the experience to execute any project. With over 75 years of combined construction experience, these professionals are committed to the long term success of the company by focusing on total customer satisfaction.


Standing (left to right):
Jeremy Krawczyk (Accounts Payable/Receivable), Tim Palmer (Project Manager), Rob Carr (Project Manager), Ryan Doyle (Vice President/Project Manager), John Doyle (Chairman), Robert Doyle (President)

Sitting (left to right):
Joli Wilson (Payroll/Secretary), Tammy Myron (Receptionist/Secretary), Rebecca Pollack (Office Manager/Finance)